Password protected Site

UW sites can be restricted in one of two ways:


NOTE: A site as a whole is either restricted or not. Certain directories within a site cannot be restricted while others are not restricted. If you need to restrict a specific directory within a site, you will need to request a new site, request that it be restricted, and then move the pages you want restricted to the new site.

  1. Single username and password restriction: A specific username and password can be provided for each site, and the author of the site can give this information out to any individual they want to be able to browse the site. When an individual tries to browse to the site, they will be prompted to enter the username and password before they are able to see any of the pages within the site.

    The username will be created to match the name of the site (i.e. would have a username of class5). The password can be determined by the author of the site.

  2. Existing domain security group restriction: A site can be restricted to only allow members of an existing domain security group to browse the site. A site can be restricted to only allow browse access to individuals with a UW domain account, with either UWSTUDENTS or UWEMPLOYEES group affiliation, a specific college affiliation, or a specific department affiliation.

    NOTE: At this time, we do not create, populate, or manage domain security groups other than those recognized by Human Resources as a UW college or department.
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