Borrow a License in ArcGIS Desktop


License Borrowing is supported for disconnected use (away from UW Campus). To borrow a license for up to one academic year, use the “Borrow/Return” folder in the ArcGIS Administrator Utility. Licenses can be borrowed from 1 to 365 days. All licenses will expire 8/14 every year and a connection will need to be made to UW License server to obtain a new license.

To install ArcGIS from the UW network, a request for access must be submitted to IT here.

Note: Granting software access is a manual process that is done during normal business hours. Once access has been granted an email will be sent to your UW email account with instructions.



You will need to be connected to the UW network during the borrowing process.  You can either do that on campus or connect to the network with Ivanti Secure just to check out a license and then you will be able to use it off campus.


  1. Start the ArcGIS Administrator Utility by going to the Start button – All Programs – ArcGIS – ArcGIS Administrator.

    Start all programs window

  2. Click on the Desktop folder and verify that the License Manager is set to

    Desktop folder window

  3. If the License Manager is not set to, click the Change button and correct the License Manager. Click OK.

    Change License Manager window

  4. Click on the Borrow/Return folder and select the check box to the right of the product you wish to borrow. Select how long you wish to borrow the license and click OK.

    NOTE: We ask that you DO NOT borrow a VBA extension unless it is absolutely necessary given that UW only has a small number of provisional licenses available for users who are migrating Visual Basic scripts.

    ArcGIS Administrator window

  5. If the license is successfully borrowed the window will close without error.
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