Generate a Two Factor Code Using the Duo Mobile App

In a continued effort to keep the UW community safe, use of passcodes as a method to complete two factor authentication will be limited.  Duo mobile push notifications and phone call authentication will still be available and allow authentication without typing in a code. 

There are times when passcodes may the best method for two factor authentication, such as during international travel if a smart device cannot be brought along to receive a Duo push.  In these cases, there is an option to request access to use passcodes here.

  1. Open the Duo mobile app.

  1. You will have a line University of Wyoming.  Tap on that line and this will show a code.  If you do not have a UW line in the app, please go through the steps to enroll the device with these instructions.

  1. You can enter this in the "Enter a Passcode" option or in the secondary password field in Pulse Secure.


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