Mailman password

When setting your Mailman password:

Mailman provides https or secure connections to the web pages, but since passwords are transmitted through email, the level of security should still be considered only moderate. Either allow Mailman to automatically generate a password for you or use a password that you DO NOT use for important logins. For instance, DO NOT use your UW domain account password as a Mailman password.


To retrieve a lost password:

  1. Visit the list's information page at[list-name], replacing [list-name] with the name of the list.
  2. Under the [list-name] Subscribers Section, enter your email in the bottom most field
  3. Click Unsubscribe or edit options
  4. This brings you to a new page. In the Your [list-name] Password section click Email my password to me.
  5. In some cases you will be directed to a different new page with a Password Reminder section. Click Remind



Note: For instructions on how to reset the password of a Mailman Distribution List, please go here:


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