Oracle Install - version 12C

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How to install Oracle 12C

Step 0: Obtain bit-version information.  Is the version of Office 32 or 64-bit? 

If you are accessing the ODSPROD database with Microsoft Access, verify you are running the 64-bit version of Office 2016.

If you use Peoplesoft PeopleTools you are likely already running the 64-bit version.  32-bit can be used, in which case, install the 32-bit version from Step 1. (bit versions for Oracle and Office must match).

 Your bit version is found by launching an Office application, such as Word. Click the File menu -> Account -> About Word


Step 1 – install the 64-bit (or 32-bit) version of Oracle 12C from the address: \\warehouse\oracle12C$. Select the Administrative install option.

Step 1.2 – copy the files, Ldap.ora, sqlnet.ora to the oracle folder you specified during step 1. By default this folder (or similar):  C:\app\[username]\product\12c\client_1\network\admin


Step 2 – create the ODBC connection. If you are running Windows 10 64-bit: right-mouse click the Start button, open the Control Panel.

Open Administrative tools.

Locate the ODBC Data Sources (64-bit if you are running Office 64-bit and 32-bit if you are running 32-bit Office)

Open your bit version of ODBC Data Sources.

Select the System DSN tab. Click Add.

Scroll down the list of sources, locate your recently installed, Oracle 12C option and click Finish.  You should have received database addressing and connection information from your database administrator.

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