Modify Requisition

This guide will cover:

  • How to modify a requisition before or after it has been submitted and prior to its approval.

Note: Procurement Catalogs requisitions should not be modified. Once a Purchase Order has been generated, any additional items needed should be included on a new requisition.


Step One

  • After signing in, this home page will display. Click on the Navigator button in the top left corner

  • The Navigator bar is where you can find links directing you to all of the modules and pages for which you have security access.  For this particular process, go to Navigator > Procurement > Purchase Requisitions.

  • The Purchase Requisitions page will display:


Step Two

Navigate to the Manage Requisitions page. Then search for and select the requisition you wish to change.

  • Click on Manage Requisitions in the upper right corner.

  • The Manage Requisitions page will display. On this page, there are two ways to locate your requisition:
    • Click on the desired Requisition Number from the list under Search Results OR
    • To search for the Requisition, you can search by either:
      • Entered By: The user who created the requisition.
      • Requisition: The requisition number.
  • If using search, click the Search button to display your Search Results in the bottom section.

  • When the search results display, click on the blue hyperlink Requisition Number to open up the Requisition details:

  • The Requisition page will display:


Step Three

At this point you can begin modifying your requisition.

  • If the requisition has been completed but not submitted, you may begin selecting lines within the requisition to edit.
    • To do this, select the requisition line you wish to edit, open the Actions menu, and select Edit.

  • If the requisition has been submitted but not approved, you will need to utilize the Withdraw and Edit or Cancel Requisition function.
    • To do this, click on the Actions dropdown in the top right corner:
    • To stop the requisition click Cancel Requisition. 
    • To Edit the requisition click Withdraw and Edit:

  • When using withdraw, you may receive the following warning message pop up. Click Yes to continue:

  • After confirming, the Edit Requisition page will display:

  • From here you can change distribution information, quantity, delivery details, and other pertinent requisition information.
  • Additional requisition lines can also be added by shopping for Non-Catalog goods and services, just as you did when creating a requisition.
  • Select the requisition line you wish to adjust and then open the Actions drop-down menu. From here, click Edit.

  • From the Edit Line pop up, any field can be adjusted.
  • Once all desired modifications are made, click OK.

  • Additional lines can be edited after clicking OK, returning to the Edit Requisition page and selecting another line.


Step Four

Once all necessary modifications have been made, changes should be saved and funds checked.

  • Click Save to save all modifications.
  • Click Check Funds to verify that funds are available at the time the requisition is being modified.

  • A confirmation popup will appear confirm that your requisition has passed the fund check. Click OK:

  • Once the funds check passes, click on the Submit button:

  • A confirmation pop up will appear. Take note of the Requisition number displayed in the pop up window. Then, click OK:

  • After clicking OK, you will return to the Manage Requisitions page, where the newly modified requisition will appear in the search results with the updated information displayed. The requisition is now awaiting approval.
  • If all modifications are complete, click Done to exit out of the Manage Requisitions page.

You have now completed the steps to modify a requisition.

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