Linux Remote Access for multiple simultaneous users (X2go) - Alternative to VNC and X11 Forwarding

The traditional method of running programs with graphical output remotely has been by using X-forwarding (-X option ) through ssh. While this proven method works well within a fast local network, it can be very slow, almost to an unusable level, when used outside the network on a VPN, or when the application needs to use hardware acceleration.  X-forwarding can be inefficient in comparison to alternative options such as X2Go. VNC while useful for a single remote user connection has drawbacks trying to support multiple users. If you want multiple users to simultaneously use the same computer remotely, and each to have their own screen/keyboard/mouse control X2Go is a better tool to utilize.

While functioning similarly, X2Go provides much better performance than standard X11 forwarding through SSH especially in regards to applications that utilize hardware acceleration. It can be an effective way for multiple users to run multiple instances of Linux software off a powerful workstation or server simultaneously.

To utilize this software X2Go server needs to be installed on the server machine, and the X2go Client on the client machine.

-The client software supports Windows, Mac OSX, and many other Linux distributions.

The server side computer will of course need to have user accounts and permissions setup for each user so they can connect via SSH and have appropriate access to system resources.

After installation of the server and client software connect to the computer on the local network, or via the VPN Ivanti Secure. Then instead of running the whole "local desktop" display like what VNC would do, or running a whole session of another installed desktop environment such as XFCE, KDE, GNOME, etc. It is recommended to use the "published applications" option to to remotely run an instance of a graphical application installed on the server side system.

Installation instructions vary depending on Operating System, but they can be found at the link below. Please put in a ticket to if you need help from a desktop consultant in setting up or configuring X2Go with your systems.

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