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This report provides The Chart of Accounts which represents the structure through which financial transaction data is organized and reported. UW’s Chart of Accounts structure consists of eight General Ledger Chart Segments. The Chart of Accounts User Guide contains descriptions of all of the segments in the CoA and instructions for the use of the crosswalks.


Step One

Navigating to the Reporting Table of Contents

  • Navigate to WyoCloud and click on the Reporting Table of Contents tile.

Step Two

Running the Chart of Accounts Segment Report

To run the Chart of Accounts Segment Report:

  • Under the "Chart of Accounts" header on the Table of Contents, click on the Chart of Accounts Segment Details.

  • The report page will open.
    • Note: It may take a while to load and will open on the tab that is highlighted in blue (Segment 5: Organization in the example below).

  • To switch to a different segment, click on the tabs across the top.

  • The chosen segment will load as a .pdf form which you can then download or print, if desired.


This completes the Running the Chart of Accounts Segment Report Processes.

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