Contract Status Report

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The contract status report will aid in identifying the status of a contract within an organization. This report can be run to view a specific contract or to view all contracts within a department.

Step One

Navigating to the Transactional Reporting Table of Contents

Step Two

Locating the Report on the Table of Contents

  • Under the Procurement and Accounts Payable heading on the Table of Contents, click on Contract Status link.

  • The report will open in a new browser tab.


Step Three

Narrowing down the Contract Status report with Prompts

  • You may use any of the following prompts on the left side of the screen to narrow the report to show data that is relevant to your needs.
    • Note: in most cases, you can leave a prompt blank or leave the default in any prompts.
      • Contract Number – a number associated with the contract
      • Academic Dept – UW academic department the contract is associated with (i.e., College of Agriculture & Natural Resources, College of Arts & Sciences, College of Business, College of Education, College of Engineering & Applied Science, College of Health Sciences, College of Law, Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources, Provost, School of Energy Resources, or University Libraries)
      • Non-Academic Dept – UW non-Academic department the contract is associated with (i.e., ASUW, Administration, Dean of Students, Human Resources, Office of the President, Research & Economic Development, Intercollegiate Athletics, University Operations, etc.)
      • Contract Start Date – start date on the contract
      • Contract End Date – end date on the contract
  • After selecting desired prompts, click Apply.


Step Four

Running and Interpreting the Report

  • When the report finishes loading, it is available for download as an Excel Spreadsheet.
    • For Chrome, the file will appear in the lower-left corner of the page. Click on the download icon to open the file.

  • If using Firefox, the download will appear in a window in the middle of the screen. Make sure “Open with” is set to Excel, then click OK.

  • The Contract Status report spreadsheet will display. Within Excel, you have the ability to sort and filter for the information you would like to see.

  • Below is a list of each column and a description of its input:
    • Contract Number – the number of the contract assigned during the creation of the contract
    • Contract Name – the title that is used to identify the contract
    • Supplier Name – the supplier for goods or services the contract is for
    • Contract Description – a short explanation about the contract
    • Role – the role of contract signer or contract owner to the contact name
    • Contact Name – a person who owns the contract or a person who is responsible for the signature
    • Contract Start Date – the start date of when the contract begins
    • Contract End Date – the end date of a contract with a definite end date
    • Contract Signed Date – the date when the contract is signed (note: if this column is blank, the contract is still pending a signature)
    • Contract Approved Date – the date on which the contract was fully approved (note: if this column is blank, the contract is still pending approval)
    • Department – the UW department name the contract is associated with
    • Amount – an agreed amount quoted in the contract
    • Contract Type – the type of contract such as UW Grant or Service Contract
    • Status – this identifies the current status of a contract such as:
      • Expired – the end date entered for the contract entry has passed
      • Active – the contract process is complete
      • Sent for Signature – the contract has been sent to the UW signer for signature
      • Pending Signature – the contract has been approved and general counsel is in the process of sending it to the UW signer for signature
      • Pending Approval – the contract is still in approvals (to see who the contract is pending approval with, look up the contract through the contract module and review the History tab. Within the History tab, review the list under the Approval History header.)
      • Draft – the contract is in draft stage and submission still needs to be completed. If a contract is rejected by an approver, the contract will go back into draft status as well. The contract owner will need to address the issues and resubmit.
      • Under Amendment – An amendment to the contract entry has been created
      • Canceled – the contract has been canceled
      • Closed – the contract has been completely closed out


This completes all the steps for running the Contract Status report.


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