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This video shows the location of shared reports, particularly reports created at the state level. There is a Market Beef report which may be used for tag day and a Union Wireless Report that may be helpful if you use the texting feature to name a few shared reports.
A recipient report or flagging members are the only way to send a broadcast email. This video covers setting up reports specifically for broadcast emails.
Creating a Custom Report for a targeted audience in 4HOnline. The video will go through creating the report, attaching the flyer all the way through sending a broadcast email.
Reports can be developed from all information in the 4-H Online system. There are standard reports that have been integrated to work with every level of management and events. Some reports are quick reports aimed towards ease for important check and balance information. Other reports are custom and can be developed by the user of the system. Reports are used to generate email lists to be used in the communication section of the program.
How to create a report for any one of your projects.
Standard reports are available in the Finances tab of 4HOnline to help keep the financial information easy to obtain.
Information about assisting with spam blocking by reporting any mistagged or untagged spam messages