Customizing Your WyoCloud Dashboard Homepage

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This guide will cover:

  • How to customize the tiles displayed on your WyoCloud homepage.

It is recommended to utilize the Navigator (three horizontal lines in upper left corner) as your primary tool for navigating between modules and functions within WyoCloud.  However you may follow these steps to ensure your most frequently used features display as tiles on the WyoCloud homepage for convenience.  


Step One

To log into WyoCloud and access the Personalize Springboard menu.

  • From the WyoCloud homepage, select the small black gear shape directly below your name in the upper right corner.

  • The Personalize Springboard menu will display.  This shows all features you currently have security access to.

Step Two

Adjust features displayed on WyoCloud home page:

  • From the Personalize Springboard menu, you may check or uncheck boxes to display the features you most frequently access in WyoCloud.  In this example, we are adding the Expenses tile by checking the box next to Expenses.
  • When finished customizing which features display, click OK.

  • The home page tiles will adjust to match the selections you made.

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