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P-Card Expense Reporting

This guide will cover:

  • How to process Procurement Card (p-card) transactions.

Step One

Navigate to the Travel and Expenses page.

  • Go to Navigator > About Me > Expenses.

  • If you are submitting an expense report on behalf of someone who has delegated this access to you, you will see a drop down menu next to Travel and Expenses.  You will first select this employee’s name from this drop down menu.

Step Two

Locate and select p-card transaction(s) to add to an Expense Report.

  • On the Travel and Expenses page, click on Card Charges to see a list of p-card entries.

Note: P-card transactions will be uploaded into WyoCloud daily, as they are received from the bank. There is generally a 1-3 day delay as the transaction processes through the merchant and bank.

  • Select a p-card entry to add it to an Expense Report.

  • This brings you to the p-card details page.  The date, amount and merchant are all prepopulated based upon transactional data. 
  • Confirm the template defaults to Expense.  Ensure that the Type accurately describes the p-card transaction that you are reconciling. This field will always default to P-Card.

Step Three

If the transaction is only being charged to one account number, you may change the type field to the proper expense type.  However, if the transaction is split between multiple accounts, utilize the Itemize feature.  When itemizing, do not change the Type from the default P-Card.

  • To itemize a p-card transaction, begin by clicking Itemize.

  • Select the appropriate expense type from the Type drop down menu.
  • Enter the portion of the transaction to be charged to that expense type in the Amount field. If the full charge falls under just one expense type, enter the full dollar amount.

  • Click the arrow to the left of the expense type to expand additional details.
    • Description: Enter the business purpose for the expense.
    • Account: Enter the appropriate account and/or project number.

  • If the transaction falls under more than one expense type, click the plus sign (+) to add additional lines. And make any necessary changes to funding sources needed.

  • Enter the Type, Amount, Description and Account for all additional lines. 
  • Once complete, verify the Remaining Balance equals zero to ensure the full transaction is itemized.
  • Click Add to Report.  You may create a new Expense Report, or add to an existing one by clicking the arrow next to Add to Report.

  • On the Expense Report page, verify that the p-card transaction appears as a line item, click the Add icon to attach receipts or documentation, then click Save.


Step Four

Review and submit the Expense Report for approval.

  • On the Expense Report page, review lines in the Expense Items area, check the box next to “I have read and accept the corporate travel and expense policies.” and click Submit.

  • Click OK on the Confirmation pop-up. 


You have now completed the steps of how to enter an Expense Report containing p-card items.

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