Process Credit Memos

This guide will cover:

  • Processing credit memos. 
  • This process will be completed by Payment Services for credit memos associated with Purchase Orders and Department Accountants for credit memos associated with Non-PO Invoices.

Step One

  • Upon signing in, this home page will display. Click on the Navigator button (the three horizontal lines) in the top left corner


  • From the Navigator > Payables > Invoices.

Step Two

Navigate to the Create Invoice page and enter information from the paper credit memo.

  • On the Invoices page, click on Task List and select Create Invoice:

  • On the Create Invoice page, enter the following information in the Invoice Header section and click Save:
    • Business Unit – UWYO.
    • Supplier – Enter the supplier name. You may also Search for a supplier.
    • Supplier Site – Select the appropriate supplier site.
    • Number – Enter the credit memo number provided by the supplier.
    • Type – Select credit memo from the drop-down.  A warning will display, click ok.
    • Amount – This field must be entered as a negative amount, including tax, from the paper document.
    • Date – Auto-populated with current date, enter the credit memo date.
    • Pay Terms – Select Immediate from the drop-down.
    • Terms Date – Auto-populates depending on what has been entered into the Date field. If required, change to the credit memo date.
    • Description - Enter a description of the credit memo. 
    • Attachment - Click the plus sign to attach a copy of the credit memo from the supplier.

  • Complete the Lines section to notetate what account the credit should be applied to.

  • Click on the arrow next to Lines to expand and enter the following required information in the Lines section (other fields should autopopulate):
    • Amount: This field must be entered as a negative amount
    • Distribution Combination: Chart string the credit should be applied to.​​​​​​​
    • Project Number/Task Number/Expenditure Type/Expenditure Organization: If applicable.


Step Three

Validate and submit the Credit Memo for approval.

  • On the Create Invoice page, click the Invoice Actions drop down and click Validate.

  • Verify that the Validation Status in the Invoice Summary has changed to Validated or take the appropriate actions to remediate system holds.

  • Click on the Invoice Actions drop down then Approval Initiate

  • Verify Approval has been initiated by clicking on Validated.


  • Click Save and Close.


Check the Status of Your Credit Memo

Locating a submitted credit memo and reviewing its status.

  • Navigate to the Invoices screen by clicking on Invoices from the Navigator.

  • Open the Task menu on the right side of the page, click on Task List then click Manage Invoices.

  • On the Manage Invoices page you must enter at least one of the follow fields marked with a ** to search for the invoice.
    • Invoice Number: Enter the invoice number from the paper invoice.
    • Invoice Date: Enter invoice date in the in MM/DD/YY format or click the Calendar icon and choose a date on the pop-up calendar.
    • Supplier or Party: Enter the supplier or party. You may also Search for a supplier or party.
    • Supplier Number: Enter the supplier number.

  • Click on the Invoice Number to open the invoice

  • Once the invoice opens, you can click on Invoice Amount or Validated or click on the tabs in the middle for additional information: Lines, Holds & Approvals, Payments or Installments

  • View the approval and notification history by clicking on Holds and Approvals
  • This will display the workflow of approvals


You have now completed the steps of Process Credit Memos.

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