Technology Preparation for Traveling


When you are preparing to travel, there are a couple steps you can take before traveling to make it easier to connect to UW resources while you are traveling. If you have any questions about these, please contact the UWIT Help Desk at 307-766-4357, option 1.

Prepare for Two Factor Authentication

Sometimes travel can make it harder to use the two factor authentication method that you normally use.  For example, if you normally two factor with a push, and you travel internationally that device will not be available. 

Our recommendation when traveling is to use the Duo Mobile push option, which can be done to a phone or tablet you have with you without a cellular network or an international call.  Often it is easiest to set up a new two-factor method before traveling.  Please see this article for how to add that device and contact the help desk if you have any questions about options based on where you are traveling: 

If you will be traveling and will not have access to a device with Duo Mobile, you may need to purchase a hardware security key such as a Yubikey. You will need to enroll and test the security key before you leave the country.

You can request that you account be set to allow Duo Mobile passcodes here:

If you are already traveling and find that your two factor method will no longer work, you can request help to get set up with a different method here (you will not need to two factor for this request):

Connect to Eduroam

Eduroam is a wifi option that allows you to connect to wifi on other campuses, often at a speed higher than a guest network. Once properly configured, you can access the wireless network automatically without having to enter a username or password. UWyo offers network services equivalent to wired ports on the UW data network. 

Instructions on connect to Eduroam:

You can find where eduroam networks are on this map:



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