Map a Network Drive for Windows 10


If it is necessary for you to often access a network computer or folder for collaboration of work, sharing of files, backing up of data, Web site editing, or any other purpose, mapping a drive to this share can save you time by decreasing the number of steps necessary to access it and will allow you quick access without having to remember the full name or path each time you need access.

In some cases, you will need to have permissions to access a specific network drive, which can be requested from the administrator. 


  1. Click the Windows button and select the documents icon.  

  1. Click "This PC" and then Map network drive button. 

  1. Enter path or click on "Browse" to select a network drive of the folder; otherwise if you know the folder or drive you can type it directly into the "Folder" text box.

6. Select "Reconnect at sign in" For connecting the drive each time when you log in. 

7. It will ask you the permissions to access the folder.  You will need to enter UWYO\username and your password.

8. Once located, click on Finish button to map the remotely shared folder as a network drive to your local computer.

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