UW central websites requiring the use of SSL to browse or edit them

To help ensure that confidential information cannot be compromised, SSL is now required to be used wherever this type of information might travel across any networks. Previously, SSL was available but not mandatory; however, with the increasing availability of more sophisticated hacking tools, it has become necessary to make the use of SSL mandatory.

As of March 2005, the previous optional use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is now required on the UW central Web servers for the following types of sites:

  • Sites requiring authentication to browse them - Sites that require a login to be able to browse / view them, require SSL (i.e. type https:// before the URL of the site). Browsing regular sites that do not require a login to access them are not affected by this change. 
  • Editing FrontPage Sites - In order to edit any FrontPage-extended site on WEBDEVFP, UWADMNWEB, UWACADWEB, and UWSTUDENTFPWEB, you must use SSL (i.e. type https:// before the URL of the site) to gain edit access to the site.
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