How to encrypt your Windows 10 Machine Using Bitlocker

To encrypt your machine, it is important that you first back it up. A full how to on how to perform a backup on your windows machine can be found here:

Once you have completed a backup of your computer, you may proceed in setting up Bitlocker through Windows 10 to encrypt your computer.  The instructions are below.

  • To encrypt using bitlocker,you must first enable software encryption.  To do this, open up group policy editor by hitting windows key + R on your keyboard to open the run command.  In the run command box, type in: gpedit.msc and click OK.
  • Under Computer Configuration, expand Administrative Templates
  • Expand Windows Components
  • Expand BitLocker Drive Encryption and Operating System Drives
  • On the right side, double-click Require additional authentication at startup. 
  • Select Enabled.
  • Make sure to check the option to “Allow BitLocker without a compatible TPM (requires a password or a startup key on a USB flash drive”) option. 

Click OK to complete this process.



  • At this point, we can turn on BitLocker on the Operating system drive.  To do so, do the following:
    • Use the windows key + X keyboard shortcut to open the Power User menu and select Control Panel. 
    • Click System and security.
    • Click BitLocker Drive Encryption

Under Bitlocker Drive

  • Under Bitlocker Drive Encryption, click “Turn on BitLocker”. 
  • Choose how you want to unlock your drive during setup.  We typically recommend using a password.  Make sure you can remember that password as you will need it to unlock the drive for access.


  • Enter a password you’ll use every time you boot to windows 10 to unlock the drive, then click Next to continue. 

  • You will now be given choices to save a recovery key to regain access to your files in case you forget your password.  Options include:
    • Saving to a USB flash drive
    • Saving to a file
    • Print the recovery
    • Select the option most convenient to you.  We typically recommend saving to the USB flash drive in which you previously backed up, then copying that to your \\warehouse\userstorage$ drive. 

Select the option to Encrypt used disk space only then click next.


  • Next choose the new encryption mode. 


  • Make sure to check “Run Bitlocker System check” option and click Continue.


  • Now restart your computer and begin the encryption process.  Please note that your computer will run slower while your system is being encrypted. 
  • Upon reboot, Bitlocker will prompt you to enter your encryption password to unlock the drive.  Enter your password as configured earlier, and press Enter. 


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