How to install Oracle Virtual Box

Oracle VirtualBox allows the creation and management of virtual machines.

Download VirtualBox and the accompanying Extension Pack (which among other things provides support for USB 2.0 and 3.0 devices) from:

Save to the same location on the pc. Make sure the version of the Extension Pack is the same version as the version of Virtual Box. The version used in these instructions is 5.2.22, so the main installer file name is: 


and the extension pack is named:


  1. Double click on the installer in the folder it was downloaded to and click on Next.

  1. Click on Next in the first Custom Setup screen:


  1. Select or deselect features as desired in the second Custom Setup screen; click on Next.

  1. Click on Yes in the Network Interfaces dialog box.

  1. Click on Install in the Ready to Install dialog box.


  1. At this point Virtual Box will install.

  1. If prompted by Windows Security, select Install.

  1. Make sure Start Oracle VM VirtualBox… is checked when done so as to install the Extension Pack then click on Finish and VirtualBox will start.

  1. Double click on the extension pack file in the folder it was downloaded to; this will start its installation to VirtualBox. Click on Install

  1. Scroll to the end of the VirtualBox License agreement and click on I Agree

  1. The Extension Pack will be install; click on Ok  when done.

  1. In VirtualBox, click on File and then Check for updates to install any updates it finds.


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