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Customers who use the University of Wyoming’s Survey Tool (SelectSurvey.NET) should remove surveys that are no longer used so that the survey server has space available for new surveys. Follow these instructions to clear out unused surveys.

  1. Export your response data (saves a copy of responses)
    1. Click on Analyze
    2. Select Export Data
    3. Configure the desired export and data formats.  CSV (Excel) export format with SPSS Format Condensed data format are often preferred formats. (If you are unsure about how to properly export data, contact the UWIT HelpDesk.)
    4. Click Export
    5. Open the exported data file and verify that it is accurate and in the desired format.
    6. Save the exported data file in an appropriate location.
  2. Clear the survey responses (click on the X in the Clear column)
  3. Archive the survey (click on Archive)
  4. Delete the survey (click on Delete)

The following video demonstrates these steps:

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