Windows 10 Laptop Battery Power Saving Setting

Windows 10 has a feature called fast startup intended to speed up the booting process after shutting down the laptop. It does this by not actually doing a full shutdown and uses battery power to keep some Windows processes running. If the laptop is not used again for some time, this can result in a significant drain on the battery. The following shows how to turn off this option and save battery power when the laptop is off. 

On the keyboard, hold down the Windows Logo key  and press the letter “R”

This brings up the Run command dialog box; enter in the command powercfg.cpl and click Ok.


This brings up the Power Options screen. Click on Choose what the power buttons do

This brings up the Define power buttons and turn on password protection screen. If the shutdown settings in the lower half of the screen are greyed out, click Change settings that are currently unavailable to clear them:

Uncheck the box Turn on fast startup and then click on Save changes:

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Thu 11/1/18 6:55 AM