Finding a program path in the Event Log

In an effort to reduce malware on campus, there is a software restriction policy on campus computers that will restrict programs from running from certain file locations on domain computers.  The locations that we restrict are not locations that valid software typically runs from, although there are some exceptions and if you encounter a case that needs an exception, you can request that here:

Part of the request is to give us the name of the program as it appears in the Event Log, so we know the proper place to whitelist the program.  Here is how you find that full path to the program.

  1. Click the Windows button.

  1. Search for Administrative Tools.

  1. Select Event Viewer.

  1. In Event Viewer, expand the Windows Logs and then select Application.

  1. Sort by Date and Time if it helps you find the correct warning and copy the access path from the general tab.

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