No dates when attempting to restore files on Warehouse, Studentfiles, or UW-Bulk

Due to a bug in Windows 10 Creators Update 1703 users attempting to restore files using the "Previous Versions" may not be able to see dates and times for the previous versions of their files. All previous versions will be listed as "Unspecified" with an empty "Date modified" column.

Example Windows 10 Creators Update 1703 "Previous Versions" dialog

Previous Versions dialog with missing dates


  1. Open "Previous Versions" from the root of the share (ie \\warehouse\<share name> or \\studentfiles\storage$ without a trailing sub-directory)
    1. Select the date and time to restore from
    2. Click the Open button
    3. In the new Windows Explorer window, navigate to the file/folder you wish to restore and drag and drop or copy the file or folder to the desired restore point.
  2. Use a PC that does not have Windows 10 version 1703 on it if one is available


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