PPM - Grants Campus User Guide

This guide will cover:

  • The process of monitoring award/project performance over the life of a grant.

Note: While this guide follows a logical order, many of these steps are not dependent on previous ones. This guide aims to demonstrate the various pages that are helpful in monitoring Award/Project performance.


Step One

  • Upon logging into WyoCloud from WyoWeb, click the Navigator in the upper left corner of the page.

  • First click on Grants Management to expand, then click on Awards.


Step Two

  • You will be routed to the Awards Overview page. At the top of this page you can see a graphical snapshot of each of your grants.

    o   If you are assigned to several grants, you may use the blue dots under the graphs to navigate through the graphs.

    o   To view details of the grant, click on the blue hyperlined grant number.

  • Alternatively you can use the Manage Awards page to view all your grants in a list format and/or search for a specific grant. 

  • To navigate to the Manage Awards page, click on the Tasks Menu at right then Manage Awards.


Note: See the appendix at the end of this guide for directions if you would prefer to make the Manage Awards page your default landing page when selecting Awards from the Navigator.

  • From the Manage Awards screen, you may view an individual award, by searching by the award number in the upper left search box.

  • For this example, we search for award number 1003631. Once located, this award will appear in the Search Results.  Click on the Award Name or Number to open details of the award.

  • The Overview page for this award will appear. You can see all projects associated with this Award to which you are assigned. From this page, you will have the ability to review commitments, the award budget compared to amount consumed, and available amount by budget category.

  • When you initially open this page, it wil likely have the financial details summarized.  To review further financial detail click on the arrow next to the budget to get additional details.

  • Additional budget categories are available by clicking the drop down arrow next to Project Control Budget Balances

  • Project Control Budget Balances are the default shown when you open the award.  Next lets look at Project and Top Resource Control Budget Balances.

  • This adds additional resource categories under the project.  All of these can also be expanded by clicking the small arrow on the left side.

  • Selecting Budget Lines, Planning Level returns the most information.  Lines can be expanded for more detail here too.

  • By clicking the drop-down arrow, in the gray Award Projects area you can view details on the Manage Project Costs page. 


Step Three

By selecting the Manage Project Cost link, users may view specific financial data pertinent to an individual item.

  • The Manage Project Cost page will appear. You can explore additional information for a single expenditure item by clicking on the transaction number hyperlink.

  • For this example, we have chosen expenditure item 188701, from award number 1003631. The page will default to the General tab.  However, to view different detailed information, simply select a new tab.

  • When you’re done reviewing award expenditures, click Done in the upper right hand corner. This will bring you back to the Manage Project Costs page.

  • If you would like to view additional information on the main Manage Project Costs page, you can add or remove columns by clicking on the View drop down then Columns

  • You can click on individual columns to add or select show all to include all available columns.

  • Click Done once more to return back to the Awards work area.

  • This same process can be repeated for Manage Cost Distributions and Manage Committed Costs.



You have completed the review PPM-Awards user guide.




You may prefer to set the Manage Awards screen as your default landing page when selecting Awards from the navigator.  The following steps outline how to set this preference:

  • Expand the Settings and Actions menu by clicking on the down arrow in the upper most right corner of any page.

  • Select Set Preferences from the drop down.

  • On the Preferences page, select Grants Management Preferences under Project Portfolio Management Cloud.

  • On the Grants Management Preferences page, select Manage Awards from the drop down menu.

  • Click Save and Close.



The Manage Awards page will now be set as your default.  If desired, the default can be changed back to the Awards Overview page at any time.

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