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This guide will cover:

General Information

The WyoCloud Contract Process is used to create, amend, and search all contracts for the University of Wyoming.  This QRG covers creating the contract and the Searching for & Amending the Contract QRG covers the steps to locate a current contract and amend it.

For more information on the Contract Process, review the Contracts Business Process Guide (BPG) located on the Financial Affairs Website > Polices and Reference Material > Office of General Counsel.

Before beginning the contract process, please review and ensure that you have access to the WyoCloud Contracts Module. To obtain this access, any employee can self-enroll in the training in the Learning Management System, Oracle Learning Cloud (OLC).  Course Name: WyoCloud Financial Management Introduction to Contracts Training.

Types of contracts that go through the Contract Process (examples, not an exhaustive list):

  • A supplier creates a contract for services, regardless of the amount

  • All service agreements on the Agreement for Services template (found on the Office of General Counsel website).  Generally over $10,000, but can be used for more complex arrangements for less than that amount.

  • Goods & Services are combined (e.g., training/installation for equipment)

  • Use of Facilities/Rental agreement, including hotel agreements.

  • A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or CEA on UW’s template or the supplier template (even if no money is involved).   

  • Technology Purchase (Must adhere to Accessibility Policy for Technology Purchases found on the Human Resources Website > Equal Employment Opportunity & Affirmative Action > Accessibility Resources > Policies). **Utilizing the Procurement Catalog through CDW-G or ordering Apple products through the University Store does not require the contract process.

  • A software license/maintenance agreement (Must adhere to Accessibility Policy for Technology Purchases)

The University's Quote and Bid Threshold Policy requires a unit, through the Procurement Services Office, to obtain quotes for services totaling $10,000 to $99,999 and to obtain bids for services totaling $100,000 or more. Review the policy found on the Financial Affairs Website > Policies & Reference Material > Procurement & Payment Services >Procurement for details about the requirements /exceptions. A signed contract does not negate this requirement. Contact Procurement Services for more information.

Step One

Navigating to the WyoCloud Contracts Module

  • First, sign in to WyoCloud Financial Management & HCM.

  • Upon logging into WyoCloud, click the Navigator in the upper left corner of the homepage.

  • Click on Contracts Management to expand, then click on Contracts.

  • Once you have selected the Contracts module, the Contracts Search page will display:


Step Two

Creating the Contract

  • On the right, click on the Tasks menu (clipboard with a checkmark) and once the Tasks bar opens, then click Create Contract.

  • In the Create Contract pop-up, fill in the necessary information:




Business Unit

Will always be UWYO”.

Legal Entity

Will always be University of Wyoming”.


Should always be Services Contract”. When you select the Type, additional fields will display.

(Image above shows example with information completed)


This should adhere to the General Counsel standards for Numbering and Naming:

5 digit Organization number for the department that originates the contract -  Name of Supplier – Month and Year of contract creation

  • Example: 70110DellMarketingMay2017

  • Example: 70110-Dell Marketing-May 2017

Primary Party

The Supplier with whom you are generating the contract. The contractor/vendor must be entered as a supplier in WyoCloud prior to starting the contract process, One-Page Self-Registration Instructions for Suppliers, found on the Financial Affairs Website > Forms > Procurement and Payment Services.

Start Date

This field will default to the current date. If necessary, change to the expected start date of service.

End Date

Enter the date of termination for this contract/agreement. End date is an optional field, but must be entered by policy.


Will always be the “USD – US Dollar”.

Item Master

Will always be set to “University of Wyoming”.

Authoring Party

Will always be set to “Internal” for contracts.

  • Once the necessary information has been completed, select Save and Continue.

  • The Edit Contract page will appear:


Overview Tab

  • Select the Overview tab and complete the required fields. If the contract is grant-related, please include information regarding the grant (source of funds, grant name, etc.) in the Description field on the Overview page.


Overview Information




Will default in from previous screen.


Title of Contract as it appears on the contract.

Start Date

Will default in from previous screen.

End Date

Will default in from previous screen.


Detail the purpose of the contract & grant-related information.


Will default from previous screen.

Item Master

Will default from previous screen.

Enable Electronic Signature

Always select this option so that DocuSign can be used to sign contract electronically.



- Enable Electronic Signature. DocuSign is the method used for signing contracts in WyoCloud. See instructions above. 

- If the contract is grant-related, include information regarding the grant in the Description Field, e.g., Project Number, Project Name, etc... This provides the necessary grant information to the Office of Research & Economic Development and expedites the approval process.

  • Complete the Commitments section:


Commitments Information



Agreed Amount

Total dollar value of the contract.

Amount Limit

Dollar value that the contract cannot exceed.

Minimum Release Amount

The smallest one-time dollar amount that can be made within this contract.

  • Complete Payment Terms section. If goods are not part of the contract, other fields may be left blank:


Payment Terms Information



Payment Terms

Payment Terms as negotiated with Supplier/Vendor and outlined in the contract. Generally, 45 days.


Define the carrier.

Freight Terms

Typically, this will be “Standard Freight Terms.” Select the most appropriate option.


Defaults to Wyoming Standard FOB.

  • Complete Additional Information section, including required (*) fields. These fields help determine workflow for contract approval. Choosing the appropriate unit from either the Academic Department drop down or the Non-Academic Department drop-down is required – choose only one. Academic Department refers to the College level unit. If the department falls under Academic Affairs, but is not a college, select Provost.


Additional Information



Academic Departments

UW Academic department (e.g., College of Arts & Sciences). It is important to select your Academic department or Non-Academic Department as this dictates how the agreement is routed for approvals.

Non Academic Departments

UW Non-Academic department (e.g., University Operations). It is important to select your Academic department or Non-Academic Department as this dictates how the agreement is routed for approvals.

Foreign Supplier*

When a foreign supplier is involved, the Tax Office will approve and Risk Management will be informed.

Required, Yes or No. Select No unless otherwise applicable

Technology Supplier*

When a technology/software supplier is involved, IT will approve the contract. When creating an agreement with a technology supplier, please include the Accessibility Policy for Technology Purchases.

Required, Yes or No. Select No unless otherwise applicable

Grant-Related Supplier*

When grant funds are used or the contract is related to a grant, Research will approve.

Required, Yes or No. Select No unless otherwise applicable

Construction Supplier*

When a construction supplier is involved, UW Operations will approve.

Required, Yes or No. Select No unless otherwise applicable

Service Supplier*

When the contract is for a service, the Tax Office will approve.

Required, Yes or No. Select No unless otherwise applicable

Receiving Credit/Debit Card Payments on Behalf of UW*

When payments will be accepted by credit/debit card, the PCI Compliance team will approve.

Required, Yes or No. Select “No” unless otherwise applicable.

Work Performed in Foreign Country*

When Yes, the Risk Management office will approve.

Required, Yes or No. Select No unless otherwise applicable

Context Segment

Defaults, can disregard.


Lines Tab

  • Click on the Lines tab.

  • Click the plus sign (+) to add a line to the contract.

  • Enter the Name of the line and a business purpose in the Description. Then click OK.

    • The Description of the line needs to be a detailed and clear business purpose.

  • Click Save to save the line.

  • In the Overview section of the Line Details, enter required and optional information.


Line Details




Identify what is being contracted for. Required.

Start Date*

Should be on or later than the contract start date. Required.

End Date*

Should be on or earlier than the contract end date. Required.

Purchasing Category*

Select appropriate category from drop down.  Enter the correct category for any requisition that will be created from the contract.  If you are unsure which category to select, contact the Procurement or Payment Services Office.


Auto-populates from the Contract Overview.

Supplier Site*

Choose the correct Supplier Site. Required.

Fixed Price

If the contract line is fixed price, check this box.


Unit of Measure. Set to EA (Each). Required

Unit Price*

Enter the total amount of the contract. Required.

Agreed Amount*

Enter the appropriate amount. Should have been entered in the Contract Overview.

Amount Limit*

Enter the appropriate amount. Should have been entered in the Contract Overview.

Minimum Quantity per Order

For goods, set amount for minimum order.

Minimum Release Amount*

Enter the appropriate amount. Should have been entered in the Contract Overview.

  • Scroll down to the Terms section and verify that Payment Terms, Carrier, Freight Terms, and FOB selections are correct.  

  • Scroll back to the top-of-the-Line Details page and click Save in the top right corner.


Contract Terms Tab

  • Click on the Contract Terms tab and click the Add Contract Terms button.

  • In the Add Contract Terms pop-up, fill in the necessary information.

    • Select “Internal” for Authoring Party.

    • Select “Attached Document” for Contract Source.

There are currently no templates in WyoCloud Financial Management. Templates may be available in the future, but all contracts must be entered using the Attached Document option until future notice.

  • Click Browse to locate and upload the contract document.

If there are multiple documents that require a signature, you must combine all documents that need to be signed into ONE document.  This document will be uploaded on the CONTRACT TERMS tab

  • Enter a Title and Description of the contract document, then click OK.


Parties Tab

  • Click on the Parties tab and verify that the Customer Role is UWYO and that the Supplier matches the provider of the goods or services for this contract.

  • In the UWYO: Team section you may add additional participants in the contract by clicking the plus button (+) or clicking on Actions, then clicking Add.

  • Scroll down to the Locations section and enter the following information:

  • Supplier Site – The site associated with this supplier. (Required)

  • Ship-to Organization – Select University of Wyoming (Optional).

  • Ship-to Location – Select where the goods or services will be delivered on campus (Optional).

  • Bill-to Location – Select Accounts Payable (Optional).

  • Scroll back to the top of the page and click Save.


Deliverables Tab

  • Click on the Deliverables tab.

  • Optionally add information if the contract includes a physical deliverable.


Documents Tab

  • The E/IC Determination Worksheet is an internal document that should not be sent to or filled out by the service provider.

  • If the payment will be made to a foreign entity and all services will be performed outside of the U.S., contact the Tax Office for a foreign source income statement form that will need to be completed by the supplier and uploaded onto the Documents tab in WyoCloud.




History Tab

  • Click on the History tab

  • This page is purely informational.  It displays dates, versions and signatures. Please refer back to this page to find where the contract is in the approval process.


Notes Tab

  • Click on the Notes tab

  • This page is for free-form, contract related notes; you can add a note here for approvers or for yourself.


Validating and submitting the Contract for Approval

  • From any tab in the contract, on the top right of the page click Actions

  • From the Actions dropdown, select Validate.

  • Correct any errors on the page, then select Done.

  • Click Submit.

  • Click Next to continue onto the next screen.

  • A message can be written to the approvers (use this field to tell approvers that your contract is a rush), and below the note, you can view the approvers by clicking on the gray triangle to the left of the word Approvers.

  • Then click Submit.


Signature Process

  • After the contract has been approved in WyoCloud and signed via DocuSign, the Contract Owner should receive an email from DocuSign showing that the electronic signature process for UW personnel is complete.  If the agreement was not previously signed by the Supplier, the agreement will need to be downloaded from DocuSign and emailed to the Supplier for their signature. 


  • Once the contract is fully signed, upload it to Supporting Documents under the Documents Tab. The Office of General Counsel will manage the Status of the contract to show as Active. To view the status, click on the Task menu.

Graphical user interface, applicationDescription automatically generated


While the contract status will show as active, the Contract Owner must still determine if the contract needs to be signed by the Supplier. If so, the Contract Owner must send the contract to the Supplier and upload the signed version to the Documents tab.


Creating a Requisition (if contract involves payment)

  • After the contract is fully signed, follow the steps outlined in the Create Non-Catalog Requisition Quick Reference Guide to create the requisition.

    • You must attach a copy of the fully signed contract to the requisition, along with any other documentation required by Procurement.

  • If the agreement is a renewal or extension, include a copy of the previous agreement under supporting documents. 


This completes the steps of Creating a Contract.


Additional Resources

  • The Contracts Business Process Guide provides an overview of the entire process of creating and managing legally binding contracts at the University of Wyoming. It is found on the Financial Affairs Website > Policies and Reference Material > Office of General Counsel.

Contract Process

Employee/Independent Contractor (E/IC) Determination Worksheet

Quote and Bid Threshold Policy/Purchases


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