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Sometimes, Outlook will stop working correctly. Most commonly the issues are along the lines of being unable to connect to your email account and send or receive new email; you may be constantly prompted for the password when it was saved and is correct or you have entered it correctly; you may also get the WyoLogin window open up and ask for your username and password and then give a BIG IP error, for example. This usually indicates that the profile for your email account within Outlook has become corrupted. This can be fixed by creating a new profile for Outlook. Because UW uses Microsoft Exchange Server for email, all email is stored on the server and so creating a new profile means that nothing will be lost. This guide will walk you through the process of creating a new profile.


1. Ensure that Outlook is closed.

2. Open the Control Panel:

1. Open the Start menu and either type 'control' and click Control Panel (Windows 10 and Windows 7) OR click Control Panel which is already a shortcut on the Start menu (Windows 7):



3. Open the Mail Setup inside of the main Control Panel by clicking on "Mail":


4. Click on Show Profiles:


5. The Profiles window will open. Choose "Add":


6. Name the profile anything you like and click OK:


7. If you are logged into the computer with your UW credentials, your name and email address should already be entered. If not, fill these details in, then click Next:


8. It make take a minute or two to configure your email account. Once it is done you will see a screen with three checkmarks like the picture below. Click Finish.


9. You will be back at the Mail profiles window. From the drop down menu where it states, "When starting Microsoft Outlook, use this profile:" 1) Select your new profile. Then 2) Click Apply and then OK.


10. Start Outlook and test it. It should work normally--- note it will take a moment to begin downloading your most recent email and a few minutes to get all of it, depending on how much email you have. If you have access to another email account, such as a shared email account, you can add that following these linked instructions.

Note: If this has not resolved your issue, please contact the Help Desk at 307 766 4357, Option 1.

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