Configure Excel to allow the ADFdi add-on for use with WyoCloud Financials data

How to Download the ADFdi add-on

  1. Close Excel.  Ensure all existing  instances of Excel are closed. 

  2. Navigate to Download Desktop Integration:

    • Sign in to WyoCloud Financial management, open the Navigator and select Download Desktop Integration in the Tools section of the menu.                                                              

  3. Download and install the add-in.

    • Click Save File to save the installer exectuable file.                                                

    • From the downloads (e.g. in Windows Explorer or the downloads list in Firefox), click the installer executable to run the install. 

    • Click Run on the Open File window.                                                                                

    • Click Install on the ADF Deskstop Integration Installer window.


How to Configure Excel to Allow the ADFdi add-on

1. Open Excel to a new, blank workbook.

2. Open the File menu

3. From the File menu, select Options

4. Within the Options screen that opens: 1) Select the Trust Center section, then 2) Click the Trust Center Settings... button

5. Inside the Trust Center Settings screen, select the Macro Settings section.

6. Ensure that the button next to "Disable all macros with notification" is enabled.

7. Click the checkbox for "Trust access to the VBA project object model"

8. Click OK and OK again to get back to the Excel workbook.

9. Test the ADFdi add-on.

Note: In rare cases the add-on may not work with these settings, in which case return to Step 5 (Macro Settings) and click the button for "Enable all macros (not recommended; potentially dangerous code can run)" instead of "Disable all macros with notification" button. Then test the ADFdi add-on again. If it is still not working, please call the Help Desk at 307 766 4357, Option 1.


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