Two-Factor device to use instead of using DUO on a SmartPhone (Yubikey)

A yubikey fob is a small USB device that you can use as a second authentication device.  It can be purchased from UWIT and will be configured to be linked to your UW account.  Below are the instructions for using your Yubikey to authenticate.  The first set of instructions will work with any browser you use.  The second set is a little faster, but will only work with Chrome at this time.


Method 1 of Using Yubikey

This method will work with any browser.  

  1. Plug the Yubikey into your computer.  Make sure it is plugged in correctly and not upside down by looking for the flashing green light. 
  2. You will need to go to the page you need to do two factor for, such as WyoSecure.  Enter your username and password on the WyoLogin page.


  1. Click on the "Enter a Passcode" button.  Even though you don't see the passcode on your Yubikey device, it is creating a passcode and entering it in as the second authentication for you.


  1. This will open a field for that passcode and you do have to click on that field for the passcode from the Yubikey to be entered correctly. 
  2. Once you have clicked in that field so that the cursor is there, the "y" on your Yubikey will light up and you can touch it to enter the key code and complete authentication.



Method 2 of Using Yubikey

This method will only work with a Chrome browser.  It does require a little additional set up the first time, but will allow authentication by just touching the Yubikey button (no clicks required) after the initial set up.

Set Up

  1. Plug the Yubikey into your computer. 

  1. Enter your username and password on the WyoLogin page.


  1. Rather than authenticating, select "Add a new device."


  1. You will then need to complete second authentication to have the option to modify the devices.


  1. After authenticating, select a U2F token as the type of device that you are going to add.


  1. You will then get this message.  Make sure your Yubikey is in the computer and then click Continue. 
  2. When this window pops up, you will see that the y on your Yubikey lite up and you need to touch the y to register the device. 
  3. You will now see the device listed on your account.  Click Continue to Login.  

Using the Yubikey After Setup

  1. After the setup steps, when you login on the WyoLogin page, the y will light up on your Yubikey and you can just touch it to complete authentication.


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