Using the Software Center

What is Software Center?

Software Center is a part the System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) that is installed on most University desktops and laptops running Microsoft Windows.  Software Center shows software that has been installed, is available for install, as well as any Microsoft Updates that are required. In-place operating system upgrades and new operating deployments can also be made available through Software Center (currently under development).

Latest Version (HTML5)

Launching Software Center

Software Center can be opened from Start->All Programs->Microsoft System Center->Software Center

or by going to the Windows button->All Apps->Microsoft System Center->Software Center

Installing Applications

  • You can see applications, and updates that are available for you to install if needed from Available Software or Applications

o  Select an application and click the Install button.

Latest Version Install


Viewing Application Installation Status

  • Under Installation Status, you can find the progress of applications and updates that are installing or were attempted to be installed

o  Some software may require a system restart before use, however you should be prompted to restart once the installation completes

Uninstalling Software

Lastly, you can find software that is already installed under Installed Software or Applications

  • Software that is installed on your system that was initially deployed as Available rather than Required can be uninstalled from the Installed Software tab
  • Required software cannot be uninstalled, so you will find the Uninstall option grayed out

Software Updates

Microsoft and other software publishers regularly release updates to their software to address security vulnerabilities, fix bugs, and add new features. Information Technology deploys updates to managed desktops and laptops beginning on the Monday following the second Tuesday of each month.

End users will begin to see pop-up notifications alerting them that updates are available to be installed. From the pop-up window, users can choose to install updates now, or they can configure Business Hours.

If “Configure my business hours” is chosen, the timeframe when updates can be installed can be adjusted to be less impactful. However, keep in mind that if a computer is turned off at the end of the day, updates won’t be able to install, and eventually they will be installed automatically.

Getting the Latest Policies

By default, managed systems will check for the latest policies from the site server when they are started, and every 60 minutes.  To force a policy refresh, from the new Software Center, you can go to Options->Computer Maintenance->Sync Policy.

If you still have the old Software Center or wish to have other actions run now, such as checking for updates (Software Update Scan/Deployment Evaluation Cycle) or checking for applications (Application Deployment Evaluation Cycle), go to Control Panel->Configuration Manager

Click on the Actions tab.

Select Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle and click Run Now.

I don't see the software I need.  What can I do?

  1. Some software is not yet available through the Software Center. Go to to view available titles and to place an order. Once your order is processed, a notification will be sent to you with instructions on how to install the software.
  2. Not all software is licensed by the university. If you do not see the desired software in the Software Center or the online ordering system, UW may not have a license for it. To confirm, you may contact the UWIT Service Center at,, or 307-766-4357 to inquire about software availability. If the desired software is not available, you will need to purchase it through your department’s procurement process.


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