How to enroll in the Password Reset Utility

This document provides instructions on how to enroll in the Password Reset Utility. Users who are not enrolled in the utility are prompted to enroll when they sign into areas that use the WyoLogin page (WyoRecords, Email, WyoCourses, etc). Users can also start the process by going directly to the password reset page.

Please note that enrollment text messages will come from one of the following two phone numbers:


Text messaging is the only verification method available for resetting a password with this utility. Otherwise, you may contact the Helpdesk (307 766 4357, Option 1) to request a password reset. The only times in which you will receive a text message related to this utility are upon initial enrollment in this utility or when requesting a password reset through this utility- not with each login.

1. Go to the site:

2. Click on the Enroll in the Password Reset Utility button

3. Sign in using your UWyo username and password. 

4. You may receive a notification that you are not enrolled in the Password Reset Utility. If so, click on the link to proceed to the utility to enroll. 

5. Enter your cell phone number (no dashes) and click Enroll in Password Reset.

6. A text message will be sent to the phone number you entered.  In the box provided, enter the Enrollment Code and click Confirm Enrollment Code.  

7.  If the code matches you will receive confirmation that you were successfully enrolled.

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