Setting up Pulse Secure on Windows Computers

Before You Begin

For reference, the Pulse Secure software icon is:

Pulse Secure Android icon


Pulse Secure Setup Instructions

Step 1

To begin, in your browser of choice visit WyoSecure and login with your University of Wyoming username and password. Please also remember to log into WyoSecure with your username, not your at


Step 2 

If you've already setup Two Factor Authentication with DUO, you'll see a familiar window. Please accept the push notification on your phone, enter the code from the Call Me option or the next unused code from your pass codes email.

If you've not yet setup DUO push, please Two Factor authentication and then return to step 1.

accept 2 factor


Step 3

Once logged in, you'll be taken to the University of Wyoming Secure Portal. 

To begin the secure connection find the "Client Application Sessions" box and click the Pulse Secure "Start" button.

Start Pulse Secure

Note: The screenshots of WyoSecure are of the default screen layout and may not exactly reflect what you're seeing.

Step 4

Java will ask if you want to run the Pulse Secure Setup Applet, please click "Run"

Optionally, you can check the "Do not show this again [...]" box to prevent further Java security prompts.

Run Java

Step 5

Windows will present a Security Warning prompting you to allow the application to run, please click "Allow"

Click allow

Step 6

Windows will present a User Account Control (UAC) dialog prompting you to allow the application to install, please click "Yes"

Click yrs

Step 7

Windows will again present a User Account Control (UAC) dialog prompting you to allow the application to install, please click "Yes"

Yes to UAC

Step 8

Java will present a Setup Control - Warning dialog prompting you to allow the application to run, please click "Always"

Click always

Step 9

Windows will again present a User Account Control (UAC) dialog prompting you to allow the application to install, please click "Yes"

Click yes

Following the final UAC prompt Windows and Java will begin the installation process. This is usually quick but can take several minutes depending on the speed of your computer.


Step 10

Please reboot your computer.

Please reboot


After installation: After installing Pulse Secure you can connect/disconnect as needed from the (White S) system tray icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. When you connect from this icon you will be prompted for your user name and password. Afterwards there will be a second window where you will be prompted for a secondary password. Here you can type in the dynamic 6 digit code generated from the app, or simply type in "push" or "phone" to authenticate depending on how you have setup duo mobile. (Do not Save the secondary password as this can cause issues in the future) If you need to setup duo mobile for two factor authentication please click this link.

Once you are connected to the campus VPN successfully you will see a (Green arrow by the White S).             

Pulse Secure Manual Configuration

If Pulse Secure does not already have the WyoSecure connection available. 

Having upgraded to Pulse Secure and rebooted you're ready to configure the VPN connection.

Pulse Secure will likely launch immediately on startup, if it doesn't, launch Pulse Secure from your computers Start > All Programs menu.

Step 1

In the Pulse Secure window, click the "+" to open the Connection Settings box.

click + to begin

Step 2

In the Add Connection window enter the following values:

  • Type: Policy Secure (UAC) or Connect Secure (VPN)
  • Name: WyoSecure
    Note: The value entered in this field is arbitrary and will only be visible to yourself. Choose something that will indicate to you that this is your University of Wyoming connection.
  • Server URL: This is UW's secure server address (it must include "https://")

Step 3

With your connection settings entered, click "Add"

You can click "Connect" if you wish to test the information you've entered but it will take you outside the flow of this document.

Step 4

Now that your connection information has been saved you should see an option in the Connections area as pictured below.

Please click "Connect" to begin the initial connection and authorization.

Click connect

Step 5

Pulse Secure will now begin the connection process. Once a connection has been established (this can take a few moments depending on the speed of your computer and your internet connection) you will be prompted for your UW credentials.

Please enter your UW username & Password as prompted.

Optionally you can check "Save settings" to skip this step in the future.

enter username and password

Step 6

With your credentials entered, click "Connect"

click connect

The connection process can take a few minutes depending on the speed of your machine and internet connection.

please wait

Faculty and Staff will be asked for a second password Two Factor password, code or to accept a push notification. Enter that code in the "Secondary Password" area or respond to the push notification. If you haven't yet setup Two Factor Authentication, please visit this guide.

Use 2 factor

Note: It is not recommended that you check "Save Settings" unless you're sure you always want to use Push notifications. Please do not save your settings if you use codes or a dongle!

Use the "Secondary Password" field to tell Duo how you want to authenticate. Here's how:

Instant Virtual Extranet browser window


Congratulations! This should conclude setting up UW's Pulse Secure VPN.

You should now see the Pulse Secure window indicate that you're connected to WyoSecure with a green check mark and/or a task bar notification bubble.

you're connected

If for any reason your connection isn't working, if you have questions or concerns or if you would like additional support please contact the UWIT Help Desk at 307-766-4357 or by visiting and clicking on either the "Click For Help" button or the "Live Chat" icon. Please note that Live Chat is only available from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday during the school year and 7:30-4:30 during the summer. 

Disconnecting Pulse Secure

To disconnect from WyoSecure click "Disconnect"



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