Gaining Access to Role-Restricted Reports

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This guide will detail the process for gaining access to role-restricted reports. Cost Center Approvers and Decentralized Human Representatives will automatically be granted access to these reports between 2-4 hours after the completion of related position specific requirements.

If you are unable to see a report that you believe you should have access to within your role (including Payroll with Fringe, Payroll without Fringe, and Payroll Funding), please follow the steps outlined below. This training process will be required for anyone whose job role requires access to restricted (sensitive information) reports, and will grant access to reports on the Restricted Financial Reports Dashboard.


Step One

Filling out the Access Request Form

  • Go to this link: Analytics Restricted Data Access Request Form.
    • (Note: This may also be found by navigating to Data & Reporting > Oracle Analytics Cloud > Analytics Restricted Data Access Request) 

  • Complete the following fields:
    1. Requestor: Type the name of the person making the request (for example, if you are a manager making the request on behalf of your employee, your name would go here).
    2. Acct/Dept: Select the department the user belongs to from drop-down menu (if it is not already correctly chosen. This box will automatically be filled in by the system).
    3. Submitting this on behalf of someone else: Indicate if you are filling this out on behalf of someone else. If yes, enter that person's name in the field that appears.
    4. Folder: Under folder, click the drop-down menu and select the "Financials Restricted" option.
    5. Justification: Provide justification as to why you/this user need(s) access to these reports.
      • Example: Access needed for performance of assigned duties, including analysis of payroll and fringe data.

  • Click the "Request" button at the bottom to submit your data.   


 Note: Access is not immediate but is based on completing the training and an evaluation of the justification provided. Training will be assigned upon receipt and approval of the ticket


Accessing the Mandated Training

  • Once access has been granted, go to your profile in WyoCloud.

  • Click on the "Learning" tile.

  • Click on the number above Required Learning. This is where you will find the course assigned to you.

  • Click the title of the training, and select Launch to begin.
  • *IMPORTANT:* When you are finished with the content, click "Save and Close" so that the system records your progress.


Step Three

Next Steps

  • Once you have completed the training, access will provisioned.


This completes all the Gaining Access to Restricted Reports processes

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