Remove UW account from an Apple iOS device

You may need to remove and re-add your UW account to your Apple iOS device. Removing a UW account from your phone will not delete your email as it is stored on the server.

Apple iOS devices may have different screen sizes and versions, your device‚Äôs screens may not exactly match the example screen shots.  Also note that Microsoft Outlook, an alternative email application, is available from the Apple App Store.

  1. Begin by locating and opening Settings.


  1. Within Settings, on the left pane, locate: Mail.


  1. Select the option Accounts.


  1. Click Exchange.  This is the type of account for UW accounts.


  1. You will see your account and the items from that account that sync to your phone.  At the bottom of the screen, click Delete Account.


  1. You will get a confirmation message and you will need to click Delete from My iPhone


  1. You can then add this account back to your device with these instructions.
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