Looking up Current Suppliers or Setting up New Suppliers

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The University of Wyoming maintains a Supplier database that includes information regarding Suppliers that conduct business with the University. To maintain current and accurate information:

  • All prospective domestic Suppliers (business and individual) wishing to do business with the University must complete the online Supplier Self-Registration process.

  • All prospective international Suppliers must contact the Procurement & Payment Services Department (new-supplier-request@uwyo.edu) to be registered.

This Quick Reference Guide will help you to understand the Supplier registration process.


Looking Up a Supplier in WyoCloud

Departments should determine if a Supplier is already registered with the University by searching for them using the Manage Suppliers tool in the Procurement module of the WyoCloud Financial Management & HCM system (WyoCloud) or by emailing the Procurement and Payment Services Department at new-supplier-request@uwyo.edu.


Step One:

  • Login to WyoCloud and access the Procurement module


Step Two:

  • From the Procurement module, select Suppliers

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Step Three:

  • Once in the Suppliers window, select the Tasks Toolbar tab

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Step Four:

  • Click and open Manage Suppliers

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Step Five:

  • On the Manage Suppliers page, you are able to search for the Supplier by keywords.

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  • when found, you may select the supplier to review/verify the Supplier's details.



If the Supplier does not show up on the Supplier list, your department can assist the Supplier with the registration process outlined below.

If the Supplier needs to make changes to their information or reactivate their profile, the Supplier must contact Procurement and Payment Services at new-supplier-request@uwyo.edu.


Setting Up a Domestic (Business or Individual) Supplier

Departments that need a new domestic supplier set up in WyoCloud can direct the supplier to the Financial Affairs Website.  

From the website, click on Forms and then expand the Procurement and Payment Services section.  Under the Procurement section, there are a variety of forms/documents that the department should direct the Supplier to for reference and assistance:

Upon completion of registering, Procurement Services will still need to review and approve the online application.  Once approved, the supplier will be notified they have been approved via email. Departments should work with the Supplier to know when they have been approved so the department can begin the purchase process. For new address updates to existing suppliers, please contact the Procurement & Payment Services Department (new-supplier-request@uwyo.edu).


Setting Up an International Supplier

All new international suppliers will need to work with the department and Procurement and Payment Services Department (new-supplier-request@uwyo.edu) to register with the University.


This completes all processes in Setting up a New Supplier or Looking up a Current Supplier.

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