Install ArcGIS Desktop 10.8 from the UW Network


The University of Wyoming provides the ArcGIS Desktop 10.8 software package free of charge for installation on UW owned computers for academic teaching and research use only.  In order to install and run the software the computer must be connected to the UW Network.  To install ArcGIS Desktop 10.8 from the UW network, request access through the Request Form.  Once eligibility has been confirmed you will receive an email informing you that access has been granted.

City Engine 2019 Install media can be found at: \\uwapps\ArcGIS-10.8.1$\CityEngine2019.1
ArcPad 10.2.5 Install media can be found at: \\uwapps\ArcGIS-10.8.1$\ArcPad



  1. Go to the Start button and in the search bar type: \\uwapps\ArcGIS-10.8.1$\setup.exe

  1. Hit the Enter key.  *If Prompted by User Account Control click Yes*
  1. At the Welcome screen click Next.


  1. Review the License Agreement and then click on the I Accept the license agreement radio button and then click Next.


  1. If you wish to control install options, click Custom install, otherwise choose Complete, then click Next.


  1. At Destination Folder window click Next.


  1. At Python Destination Folder window click Next.


  1. Select if you want to participate in the Esri User Experience Improvement Program and then click Install


  1. The Install process will start at this point and may take a while to complete.  Once done you will get the install complete window, click Finish.


*If you are upgrading a previous version you are now finished, if not proceed to step 10*

  1. The ArcGIS Administrator Wizard will launch. At this screen select Advanced (ArcInfo) Concurrent Use and enter as the License Manager for Concurrent Use Products, then click OK.

  1. The ArcGIS Administrator window will come up. Select the Availability folder to confirm licenses, then click OK.



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