Resetting Java Security Prompts

Note:  Do not perform this on any computer that has the full ImageNow client installed on it as this may break the ImageNow client.  It is OK for those who use ImageNow through a web browser.


If you are experiencing issues with a Java application one thing you can do to trouble shoot is reset the Java Security Prompts.  This can fix some Java issues and is a good place to start when troubleshooting.


You must be logged in with the users account that is experiencing problems with Java.

  1. Go to start and the search type in Control Panel.  Click on Control Panel.



  1. Find Java in the Control Panel menu and click on it to open.




  1. The Java Control Panel window will now open.  Click on the Security tab and the Click on Restore Security Prompts.




  1. A Confirmation window will open.  Click Restore All.



  1. The next time you use a Java based application (e.g. banner) you will be shown a security prompt similar to the one below.  Select the check box for Do not show… and the select Run


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