iPad/iPhone Screen Sharing is Not Working in Zoom

Zoom updated their platform and enabled a setting that limits screen sharing to specific applications. With this setting enabled, you cannot share an entire desktop screen or iPad. If you would like to continue sharing your entire desktop screen or iPad, you will need to turn off this setting.

1. Sign in to Zoom Web portal: zoom.us/signin

Choose the option to sign in with SSO

You will be redirected to the wyologin page.  Log in with your UWYO credentials.  

2. On the left-hand side, click the Settings and under the Meeting tab, look for the option Disable desktop/screen share for users. You may click this link to direct you on the page:https://zoom.us/profile/setting
3. Click the toggle to turn it off (make it gray). 

All screen sharing options will be available next time you start a meeting.

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Fri 8/21/20 3:50 PM
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