Install Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2020 on Mac

Adobe Acrobat licenses do need to be ordered here, then billing authorization will be completed, access to Acrobat will get set up, and a key code will be emailed.  Access to the steps below will not be available until that point in the process.

This software can only be installed on Mac OS (v10.13 and above).

If your system cannot upgrade past 10.12 You will need to install the 2017 version.  Those directions can be found here:

To check what Mac OS you are running click on the Apple icon in the top left and select About This Mac.

1. Accessing the Network Installation Point for Adobe Pro DC 2020 for Mac 

A. Select the Go menu, and click Connect to Server…

B. In the Connect to Server... window, in the Server Address: box, type smb://$ and click Connect. 

NOTE: Make sure that you have typed the correct slashes (i.e. / and not \)

C. In the window asking for your name and password, enter your UW domain username in the Name field and enter your UW domain password in the Password field, and click OK.

D. Double-click the Acrobat_2020_Web_WWMUI.dmg file to mount the Acrobat image to your Desktop.

2. Installing Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for Mac

A. In the resulting Adobe Acrobat Pro DC window, double-click Acrobat 2020.

B. In the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC window, double-click on the Acrobat 2020 installer.pkg

C. In the Welcome window, click Continue to begin installation.

D. In the Introduction window, click Continue.

E. Under Read Me, read the important information, then click Continue.

F. In the License window, enter your serial number, then click Continue.

G. In the Installation window, click install.

H. When prompted for Name and Password, enter the name and password of a local administrator on your machine and click Install Software.

I. In the Summary window, click Close

J. Close any of the screens that were opened during the install. 

K. Locate the Acrobat 2020 file on your Desktop, and drag them to the trash.

3. Running Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for the first time.

A. Under Finder, you will want to click Applications.

    You will want to select Adobe Acrobat 2020, then double click Adobe Acrobat.

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