Providing Comments During a Live Wyocast

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Providing comments during a live wyocast is a way to interact with participants during a wyocast event.   If commenting is enabled in the wyocast event you're viewing, you will see a comment icon at the bottom of your wyocast viewing window as shown below:    

Screenshot showing the comment button for wyocasts

The wyocast comment feature is circled in the above screenshot.  If comments have been disabled for the broadcast, this button will not display.

After clicking the comment button, a selection of text boxes will be displayed. 


Fill out these text boxes with your name, subject and a message to the wyocast moderator.  Providing your e-mail is optional but recommended if you'd like the ability for the moderator or live participants to have the ability to provide additional feedback after the conclusion off the wyocast. When these fields have been filled, click send.  The wyocast moderator will be sent a message with your questions/comments for possible discussion during and after the broadcast.   

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