Update/Install IE 11

There are two ways to upgrade to IE 11 from your current version. One way is via Windows Update, and the other is to install IE 11 as a standalone download directly from Microsoft's Official Download Page.

We will first show you how to upgrade to IE 11 using Windows Update.

1.) Initially you will need to go to Windows Update using the following path: "Start->control panel->system and security-> windows update". Otherwise you may also type "windows update" in the start menu search box.

2.) Next you will do do a check for the latest updates. i n the list of Optional Updates, you should see one that says "Internet Explorer 11 for Windows <version #>" Select it and then click OK.

3.) For the installation procedure to start, you have to click on the "Install Updates" button.

4.) After Internet Explorer 11 for windows and any other update you selected are downloaded, the install will start. This new process will finish in a few minutes. Shortly after, you will be asked to restart your computer to complete the process. Save all your documents and then hit the restart now button from the windows update window and wait for the computer to restart.

5.) Once complete, the IE 11 shortcut should be placed in your taskbar.

To install IE 11 as a standalone download:

1.) You will first have to open a browser (whatever version of IE, firefox or chrome, etc) you have on your computer and browse to Microsoft's official download page here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/intern...

2.) Here you will find an alphabatized list of languages and you'll have to choose between 32 and 64 bit installers. Most users on campus will be on 64 bit machines but to check, go to start->and right click on "computer" then click properties. Under system information, you should see system type indicating either a 32 bit or 64 bit operating system. Choose the installer accordingly.

3.) Now you will download a .exe file which is the actual offline installer and not a file downloader.

4.) From there, you will run the installation. Windows will prompt you asking if you really want to install IE 11 for Windows. Click on Install.

5.) Allow the installation to complete. At this point you'll be asked to reboot - save all your documents now! - then press the restart now button.

6.) After restarting you will see IE 11 on your computer.

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