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Does UW Provide Any Warranty Support on Computers?

Apple (Macintosh) Operating Systems
IT is an authorized Apple Service Provider. We offer warranty support for all Apple computers and out-of-warranty support for selected Apple products. Our standard rate is $40 per hour plus parts. We cannot provide support for iPods, iPhones, iPads, or other Apple devices. You can usee the Computer Hardware Service Request Form.

Dell Hardware
IT is a Dell Authorized Service Provider, offering warranty support for all Dell computers, servers, and laser printers.

Non-Warranty Support for PC Hardware

We have A+ and Dell certified technicians who can assist you with your PC computer repair and laser printer repair needs. All non-warranty service is billed at $40 per hour plus parts.

All computer and printer service, other than Apple and Dell, will be billed at $40 per hour regardless of warranty status.

Please call the IT Help Desk (6-4357) or use the Computer Hardware Service Request Form to schedule your PC or laser printer repair.

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