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How to upload files to 4HOnline to attach in broadcast emails.
This is the easiest way to switch the club of a member without losing project enrollment information.
Reviewing accepting members and saving health forms.
How to use the search function in 4HOnline.
A recipient report or flagging members are the only way to send a broadcast email. This video covers setting up reports specifically for broadcast emails.
Short video on how to grant access to project leaders.
How to create labels for snail mail correspondence.
How to enter a simple event.
How to register a family.
Instructions on creating and registering for an event are now found in the IT knowledge base.
Recorded 4/16/16.
How to send emails to flagged members through the "send to flagged members" button or the broadcast email feature. It includes how to get the email addresses out of 4HOnline to use in an outside mail client such as Outlook.
Where to find information sheets how to sheets, the sandbox and a couple of questions. Recorded 1/25/17.
What it looks like to log in as a leader in a club. Leaders will only have access to the clubs or projects you as county managers allow them to have access to. Club leaders have access to search and a quick report of searched items. Project leaders have access to quick reports of the member list.
How to manage your club information and give club leaders access to their members.
Creating a Custom Report for a targeted audience in 4HOnline. The video will go through creating the report, attaching the flyer all the way through sending a broadcast email.
Video showing what a possible duplicate looks like.
Video to create a report showing a list of any families who have started their 4HOnline profile but have not added any members. 

This is a great tool to find families who believe they are enrolled when they actually have not.