Windows 10 and Adding Bluetooth Devices

Windows 10 provides support for Bluetooth and Bluetooth wireless devices provided Bluetooth is installed and enabled on the computer.

Note: Installing Bluetooth itself is beyond the scope of this document and only covers making sure it is enabled if present.

Checking if Bluetooth is Present and Enabled

Press the Windows key your keyboard  plus the letter I  key to bring up the Settings application.

Select Devices.

If the Bluetooth switch is in the Off position, move it to On.


Adding a Bluetooth Device

This example will add a Bluetooth mouse.

Turn the mouse on and press its Bluetooth button  to make it discoverable. In the Settings app, click on Add Bluetooth or other device which will bring up the Add a device screen. Click on Bluetooth to begin the process whereby the computer detects the mouse.

Select the detected mouse and it will be installed. Click on Done when it is finished.

The Bluetooth mouse will now show as a connected device and will be ready to use.

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