Create Remote Desktop Bookmark to Office Computer in WyoSecure

If you are using a Windows operating system, click on the Add terminal service icon in the HTML Access Sessions section.

Add Terminal Service icon

In the Add Terminal Services Session window use the following configuration:

  1. Session Type: HTML 5 RDP Bookmark
  2. Bookmark Name: Type a descriptive name for the bookmark
  3. Description: Type a useful description of the terminal connection
  4. Host: Enter the DNS name of the computer to which you are trying to connect.
  5. Server Port: 3389
  6. Username: Type your username or enter <user> to use the same username with which you logged into WyoSecure.
  7. Password: If you would like to enable single sign on (SSO) then enter <password> to use the same password with which you logged into WyoSecure.
  8. Click the Add button to save the bookmark.

This bookmark will be available whenever you sign into WyoSecure using Core Access.

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