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In order to determine what network services and resources can be accessed via your UW work computer, it is important to know both the name of your computer and what domain it belongs to. It may be necessary for your computer to be a member of the UW domain (, the main Windows domain for the University of Wyoming (UW), in order to take advantage of many of the services and resources provided by Information Technology. Not all campus computers are a member of the UW domain; some are members of a department-specific domain or not a member of a domain at all.

NOTE: The UW domain is the only domain supported by IT. Membership to this domain is restricted to UW and UW Affiliate owned computers only.


  1. Open the control panel. In Windows 10, you will want to click on the windows button and then type Control Panel into the search bar.


  1. In the Control Panel, click System (or, if you are using Classic View, double-click the System icon).

  2. In the section titled Computer name, domain and workgroup settings, the name of your computer will be listed as the Full computer name.
  3. The domain your computer belongs to will be listed as the Domain. If, instead of Domain, you see Workgroup, your computer is not a member of any domain.


  1. If you would like to request that your computer be changed or added to the UW domain, please contact the UWIT Help Desk by filling out this form, calling 766-4357, option 1, or emailing
  2. If your computer belongs to a domain other than, please contact your department's network administrator first to determine what IT provided network resources are available to you,  to determine if your computer's domain can be changed to UW, or to determine if it needs to remain on the department-specific domain for other reasons.

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