Accessing the CDW-G store in the Procurement Catalog


The University of Wyoming has partnered with CDW-G to provide discounted pricing on a standard set of HP desktops, laptops, and displays.  These standard computers have been tested by Information Technology and are fully supported in our campus computing environment. The below steps provide directions on how to access the CDW-G store through the Procurement Catalog in WyoCloud and access the recommended desktops, laptops, and monitors.  The CDW-G store can also be used to find and purchase computer peripherals at discounted prices.  

If one of these computers does not meet your needs, please contact UW’s CDW-G account manager (877)-669-4340) to discuss options. If an approved business class computer is not purchased, IT cannot guarantee functionality with our campus computing environment and support may be limited.


1.  Log into WyoCloud – Financial Management & HCM (found on

2.  Using the Menu option in the top-left corner, navigate to Procurement - Purchase Requisitions

Procurement Menu location

3.   Click on the "Shop by Category" - and then "CDW-G (1)"

CDW-G link on Requisitions page


4. Once at the CDW-G Store, the standard computers recommended and fully supported by IT can be found in the links on the left side of the page.  In addition to the recommended standards, additional equipment can be found by using the search box at the top of the page.  


Image of the main CDW-G page showing the standard links on the left and search box at the top of the page


7. Please review the Create Procurement Catalogs Requisition article for steps on creating the actual requisition for the purchase of selected items.  

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