PeopleSoft HRMS: You are not authorized to access this component. (40,20)

Common PeopleSoft HRMS Issue:

Peoplesoft HRMS reacts differently based on internal UW authentication versus external Non UW authenticiation.  If a UW employee is logged into PeopleSoft HRMS (i.e. Self Service) and then tries to access an external posting from HRMS (i.e. Job Listings from HR website), they will receive this error.

To resolve this issue, the end user has several options.  

     1.  Reboot their computer.  Once rebooted go directly to the External HR site to view the job postings.  Since they have not authenticated at that point internally to UW HRMS, the error           should not appear.

     2.  Open a different browser.  (If using Microsoft Edge, open Firefox or Chrome and access the external HRMS site from a different browser)

     3.  Close all browser windows, re-open and clear the browser cache (Clearing Browser Cache).

These steps should resolve the error.  

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