Setting up Pulse Secure on iOS Devices

Before You Begin

To continue with this guide you'll need:
For reference, the Pulse Secure App icon is:
Pulse Secure iOS Icon 

It is strongly recommended

That you remove the older Junos Pulse client if it is installed on your iOS device.
Brief instructions for removing the older App are presented in PulseSecure. For reference, the process is as follows:
  1. Find the icon for the app you want to delete, in this case Junos Pulse,
  2. Press and hold it for a few seconds. It (and all the other icons on the screen) will start to wobble gently and a small "X" will appear in a grey circle by each,
  3. Tap the "X", then confirm you want to delete the app.

Pulse Secure Setup Instructions

Step 1
To begin, tap on the "App Store" icon
open App store


Step 2

In the App Store tap "Search"
Tap search


Step 3

Begin typing "Pulse Secure", you may tap the suggestion if it comes up.
Type pulse secure


Step 4

Tap on "GET" next to the Pulse Secure icon
tap get


Step 5

Enter your Apple ID password or, if your phone has Touch ID use that to authorize installation of the App.
Note: While it is possible that your Apple ID and UWyo ID could be the same, it is highly unlikely. They are unique credentials for distinctly separate accounts.
Changing your Apple ID will not effect your UWyo account or vise versa. UWIT can not find, change or modify your Apple ID.
Authenticate to iTunes


Step 6

Note: The App may take a moment to install depending on the speed of your device and available wifi or cellular data connectivity.
Once installation has completed tap "Open"
Press the Home Button to tap on the Pulse Secure icon.
Tap open or open the app

Step 7

Accept the Pulse Secure Client Software End User License Agreement by tapping "Accept"
Accept EULA


Step 8

You will be prompted to enter the URL provided by your company.  Enter


Step 9

After entering the URL.  Tap Submit.


Step 10

Enter information as follows:

  • Name: This is an arbitrary identifier, we used "UWyo" but you may use anything that indicates to you that this connection is unique to the University of Wyoming
  • URL: Will be filled in from before
  • Username: Your UWyo username 
  • The last two areas, Realm and Role can be left blank
Tap "Save"

Step 11

Now tap the Connect button.

Step 12

Enter your password and tap Sign In.

Step 13 - Faculty & Staff Only

Finally faculty and staff will be required to authenticate with Two Factor.
Please enter a code or accept the Push Notification now.
Note: The initial authentication can take a few minutes, please be patient.
Authenticate with 2 Factor


You will then be connected.

Disconnecting from PulseSecure

When you're done, pressing "Disconnect" will end the VPN session.
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