Making a Selection on Health Insurance Coverage

One step on the registration checklist is to make a selection on Health Insurance Coverage.  Below are the steps on how to do that.

  1. Click the Health Insurance Coverage link in your checklist.

  1. The next screen has information about the availability and price of the coverage, as well as links to details of the coverage.  At the bottom of the screen, you can select Yes to purchase insurance or No to not accept coverage.  Then click Submit. If you are choosing not to enroll in insurance, you are done with this step and it should now appear with a green check mark on your checklist.  If you are choosing to enroll in insurance, continue to step 3.

  1. You may be asked for your Social Security Number if that is not on file for you yet.  Enter your Social Security Number and click Submit.

  1. You will then get a note about electing to purchase health insurance.

  1. If you need to change your selection, you will find the Change my selection on the bottom of the screen once your selection has been made.  There is an end date to when this selection can be changed each semester.  That date will be noted on the page above the button.

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Sun 5/19/24 8:25 PM