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Will voicemails show up in Microsoft Teams app?

Yes, in the Microsoft Teams app, if you receive a voicemail there will be a notification on the Activity icon located on the task bar. Once you click on the Activity icon, you can see your missed calls, and voicemail details. Another way to check your voicemail is to click on the Calls icon, you can see the call history, play the voicemail and see the transcript. 

Will I still get voicemails in my email?

Yes, you will still receive voicemails in your UW email if the voicemail is assigned to your username. With the voicemail, you will get a transcript of the voicemail as well as an audio file you can play. 

***There will be a red dot shown on the calls/phone icon on the task bar when you have a voicemail that has not been listened to. Once you listen to the voicemail, the red notification will disappear. 


For detailed information on voicemail in Teams, please visit this article: Check your voicemail in Teams

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