Mail Merge from a Shared E-Mail Account

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**If you have a departmental e-mail account that is shared  to your account, and when you send from that e-mail account, it shows  as "<your name> sending on behalf of <shared account>", the following instructions will allow you to set up a mail merge to send from that shared account. **

You will need to set up a separate profile in Outlook (desktop version) to send a mail-merge from a shared departmental account.  

  1. Exit Outlook and Skype for Business
  2. Choose Start | Control Panel | View by  Large Icons (upper right of window) | Mail
  3. Click Show Profiles
  4. Click Add
  5. Type the name of the profile e.g. its-email and click OK
  6. ​Enter the shared account information – 
  7. You may be prompted for a password – type your and UWYO password here
  8. Click Next 
  9. Click Finish
  10. In the Mail window, select the new profile (its-email) and select Prompt for a profile to be used.
  11. Open Outlook and click the down arrow next to the profile name to select a profile – choose the shared account profile (e.g., its-email)
  12. Select the Send/Receive tab and select the Work Offline button (Mac Outlook - select Tools tab and toggle the Online/Offline button)
  13. Open the document you want to send via Mail Merge
  14. Select the Mailings tab
  15. Click Select Recipients and choose “Use Existing List
  16. Use the dialog box to open your mailing list
  17. Select the appropriate table in the text dialog box
  18. If necessary, select Edit Recipient List and de-select all unwanted data
  19. Select Finish and Merge
  20. Select Send E-Mail Messages
  21. In the “Merge to E-mail” dialog box that comes up, verify that the “To:” field and the “Subject line” field show the correct fields. Then verify that the mail format is HTML. Click OK.
  22. The emails will then propagate in your Outbox in Outlook
  23. If needed, you can open the messages in the Outbox and manually edit any information. For example, in the “CC” field you could add additional recipients.
  24. When you are sure the emails are correct, switch Outlook back into Online mode (see step 12) and the messages will be sent
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